MMM Recipe – Rockin’ 1000 in the same pot

Here we go again with a new MMM recipe, and this time we are back talking about Foo Fighters and an amazing event organized in Cesena, Italy called Rockin’ 1000. The creator of the idea is Fabio Zaffagnini, who had an awesome spark of insanity bringing together 1000 rockers who love Foo Fighters and let them play “Learn to Fly” all in the same place.


The project started on May 2014 and they were finally able to play all together and publish an incredible video on July 30th, 2015; as Fabio would say “I’ve been working on this fu**ing project for more than one year…” But it seems like it worked, since they got an immediate answer from Dave Grohl himself.


The video is freaking unbelievable and absurd. While watching it my face was trembling from how excited as I got. And thinking that all they did was intended to unite people through the power of music and being able to do something incredible from scratch.

In a few days, the initiative went viral and the video got 23 millions views. The purpose of this initiative was to convince the band to play again in Cesena, after many years of absence and of course, Dave Grohl was very nice to please the crowd posting a video in which, speaking in Italian, he said that Foo Fighters would be very happy to play in Cesena very soon.

On August 16th, the rocking’ 1000 team got very lucky as they got the opportunity to meet the band in person at the Walla Walla Festival in USA. Many compliments to Mr. Zaffagnini for the dedication put into this huge initiative.
Without further ado, please take a look at this passionate and inspiring video.



Long time no see guys, but here we go with an amazing new recipe based on Zach Braff last masterpiece, “Wish I Was Here”. The movie was produced thanks to the Kickstarter initiative, promoted by film writer and director Braff and it premiered on July 18th, 2014.

The unconventional method to gain funds generated a buzz within Braff’s fans all around the world. Thanks to this promotion, the production was able to raise over 2.6 million dollars. Not only the movie was a touching drama full of significant moments and life lessons, but the soundtrack selection was really perfect. Zach Braff has it’s own way to select each and every song for his movies. In 2004 with “Garden State”, he demonstrated a well-rounded knowledge and a complex taste for music that allowed him to earn the Grammy Award for Best Compilation Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media.


He personally hand-picked each piece and several artists were honored to produce original songs for both soundtracks. In “Wish I Was Here”, you can hear some original tunes by The Shins and Coldplay. Thanks to the amazing choices, he was able to produce another amazing indie movie, that unfortunately received mixed reviews from critics.imm 2

Even if the critics’ opinions differ from one another, there’s no doubt that the soundtrack selection was somehow flawless. With a lot of different ingredients, it really was the perfect recipe for the movie. Full of drama, but also with a lot of uprising, intense and rich moments.

We can’t wait to see another creation of Zach Braff. Here’s a little piece of this amazing soundtrack.

Satisfy your hunger for music!

Sagoma Filippo


It’s getting cold outside, time for a hot soup like you’ve never seen before. This tasty delicacy is a mixture of Alternative/Hard Rock and post-grunge and it’s dedicated to the awesome band Foo Fighters.

On the 20th anniversary of its music career, the band is still able to innovate with fresh ideas and create new remarkable songs. In 2013, Grohl stated that the band was making a new album, like no one’s ever seen before. He was pretty excited about it and he also declared “…next year is going to be a really big year for the Foo Fighters, without question”. Now that the veil has been lifted we’re happy to confirm this acclaimed musical event soon to be released, called “Sonic Highways”.

This is not just another studio album like the prior seven the band has made in the past twenty years. This is a masterpiece, mixing together passion, history and lifelong dreams about music. American Music. Soul Music. Real Music.

The band is honoured to announce an epic masterwork, the outcome of an in-depth research on the history of music. They didn’t just write down some lyrics and then some tunes to go along with. They interviewed real musicians, which are the product of years and years of music evolution, and then composed the best songs that could honour their words and stories.

You might be wondering what’s the best part about it? Well, Dave Grohl also directed a TV series entitled “Sonic Highways”, about the whole journey the band took during this experience. Eight episodes about the eight cities expedition, with the purpose of bringing out the best album in the Foo Fighters history.

The album was released on November 10th, so we don’t have to wait anymore for this magnificent publication. As for now, you can take a sneak peek at the TV series premiere, that along with several interviews of the band, is generating a huge buzz around the new album and the Foo Fighters in general. They’re really surfing the innovation wave and they demonstrate to have more and more to offer to their fans.

Satisfy your hunger for music!

Sagoma Filippo

MMM Soup of the Week – Passenger with green peppers

Folky, Rocky, Indie… this week’s soup is quite fresh and surprisingly tasty. We’re talking about only one main ingredient… Michael David Rosenberg, aka Passenger.

Starting in 2003 with the band Passenger, Michael Rosenberg has been performing solo since 2009 under the same stage name.


In his solo career he was able to conquer some folk-music awards, like the “Indipendent Music Awards” won in 2013 with the song “Let her go”. The same year, this was the best song for the “Israeli annual International song chart”. His previous album “All the little things” has had some great responses, rewarding the English songwriter with full theaters in his 2-years tour. He is currently touring for his last studio album “Whispers”, released in June 2014.

If you haven’t heard of him yet you’d love his quite remarkable voice and awesome tone colour. Hope you’ll appreciate this live version of “I Hate” at The Borderline (London).

Satisfy your hunger for music!

Sagoma Filippo

MMM Recipe – Ok Go… the Viral Videos!

They surely know how to implement a good viral marketing campaign. They are Ok Go, an indie American band from Chicago formed in 1998 who released their first album in 2002. I guess everyone knows who they are, in fact, we don’t want to introduce it as the brand new band, here in this new article, we are gonna talk about the great marketing strategy this band has been able to put into practice.

Ok Go lately is well known for their original and alternative music videos which are so interesting and curious that they soon go viral, and their most watched video from the song “Needing/Getting” has more than 28 million views on YouTube. We’re talking big numbers here!!

I won’t spend time describing this absolutely cool video, it deserves to be watched. It shows how much effort and creativity the band along with the video producer put into the making of a music video, in order to create something that you have rarely seen before and in the meantime it’s funny and surprising.


Creating a viral video can be easy and at the same time very difficult. You need a great and totally different idea, and above all, the video must be bizarre and make people want to share it online.

If people, when watching your video, say, “Wow, this is so cool!”, well, you have done pretty much everything; now you can relax and let the fans and other people do the easy job of sharing it on Social Networks. That’s how a video becomes viral.

Personally I’m not in love with Ok Go’s music, but they totally catch my attention through their videos: mind-blowing optical illusions, use of bright and warm colors and interesting domino games.

I really like this one, which is the video made for promoting the song from the new album “Hungry Ghosts.” The amazing and impressive thing is that this video was recorded in one take, which means that every single action had to be perfect.


With the popular use of social media and emails, viral videos have become a strong tool used by companies and artists. A viral video has the ability to powerfully increase any person’s popularity pretty easily, if the video has the features I was talking about.

YouTube for example, has become one of the greatest tools used by musicians and record labels to liberally promote their music and make people share any video they want, also through Social Networks.

Ok Go is a good example of how a band can quite easily increase its own “brand personality” by being known for something alternative and unordinary.

Check out their videos on YouTube and share as many as you want!

Sagoma Giulia

MMM Soup of the Week – Robert Plant and sweet paprika

This week’s soup has a retro look and a rock legend taste for a mouthful of wisdom. We are of course talking about the legend Robert Plant.

66 years old Led Zeppelin frontman has started his solo career in the early 80’s and since than he produced more than a dozen albums, three of those in collaboration with his old buddy Mr. Jimmy Page.

Some might say that this man is not worth following anymore, that his time has passed and he’s not the great rockstar he was long time ago. I understand that he might not have the same voice that made the Led Zeppelin what they were known for, but at his age he’s always capable of bringing new ideas and new music, that is why he’s so noteworthy.


This year he released his last work “Lullaby and… The Ceaseless Roar” along with The Sensational Space Shifters as backing band. I really love the single extract from this album “Rainbow” and that is why I want you to take a look at the live version of this new, innovative and awesome version of Robert Plant.



Satisfy your hunger for music!Sagoma Filippo


Here it is, the new MMM recipe. It comes from Altopiano di Asiago’s mountains. It’s not made with honey or cheese, not even potatoes or Speck (which are of course our local products). The ingredients of this week are mainly Power metal, young artists and a lot of enthusiasm, determination and passion.

4th Dimension is a band formed by five young artists coming from Asiago, bound together by a passion for metal music and specifically for power metal, a genre that doesn’t always go along with the Italian music preferences expressed by consumers.

What catches your eye is the dedication that these musicians Andrea (vocalist), Stefano (bass), Talete (keyboard), Massimiliano (drums) and Michele (electric guitar) have put into their music, earning an important place in the Italian metal scene, but even more important in the foreign scene (mainly Europe).


Many bands were born in these little towns far away from the big cities but usually, they stay near home, almost afraid to show themselves outside. Instead, these guys preferred to think outside the box and try to build a carrier as musicians far from home.

So far they’ve made a good choice: they already have recorded two albums in three years starting 2011 (The White Path To Rebirth released in 2011 and Dispelling the Veil of Illusions released in 2014) and in the same year, they accompanied Sonata Arctica and Labyrinth on a big tour around Europe.

I may say, good job guys!

Personally, I’m not a big fan of power metal, but I really evaluated this band for their melodies and the strong in tuned voice that matches perfectly with the kind of music they play. Needless to say, the guitar and keyboard solos are quite fabulous and complete the songs like the proverbial “cherry on the cake”!


We also met their front man, Andrea for a quick interview about the band:

How did “4th Dimension’s” project start?

It started when I met Talete (keyboardist) and we were both looking to have our own power metal band. At first we played only covers, but right away we had the sense that we should write and play our own and unique music. We felt like doing so just to escape the risk of always doing the same stuff.

What do your songs talk about?

Our songs are mostly about personal experiences, concerning feelings about love life, the flow of time or the approach toward life itself. Other songs talk about memories and others more took their inspiration from literature.

On our new album there’s a song “White Logic” inspired by a poem from the 16th century (the “Paradise Lost” by John Milton) and another one “The Watchtower (A Dream of Chivalry…)” based on a Spanish book “La torre Vìgia” by Ana Maria Matute, about the dissolution of the knightly ideal (with a philosophical approach to the lyrics). The title of the album itself “Dispelling the Veil of Illusions” has its origins in a consideration on Schopenhauer’s philosophical thinking about the Veil of Maya.

Who is responsible for writing all the lyrics? And the tunes?

The first studio album released in 2011 was mostly the result of both Talete’s and mine ideas, but the final arrangement was done by the whole band.

As for the second album, Stefano the bass player has contributed a lot in the writing process. Currently we’re four out of the five creating the music and three suggesting ideas for the lyrics.

As we know, you have a decent amount of followers in Italy but you’re also quite well known abroad. Can you tell us something more?

Actually we’re having more success abroad than in Italy. Since the first album’s release we have had a pretty good response from the international fans. This is mainly because the Italian fans are more oriented to pop and commercial music. In international contests like the ones you can find in Norway, Finland, Sweden, France, Germany, South America or even in Japan, metal music is more appreciated and isn’t a niche like here in Italy.

You can say that most Italian fans are a bit closed-minded and aren’t really open to the idea of a different music genre.

How many copies of your albums have sold to this day?

Almost 1.200 copies for the first album, but for the second album we have to wait a little bit because we just released it in March. Nowadays CD sales rates are drastically declining, because of the growing phenomenon of digital piracy. This is a persisting issue for the music industry.

I honestly have to say that despite of the negative side, you can actually look at the pirate copies downloaded from the internet to round off the number of followers you have.

How was the experience of touring with the Sonata Arctica?

It was an awesome experience. We were performing in front of thousands of people each night, much more than the Italian audience that we’re used to. This is something that every band has to do if they get the chance. We visited a lot of wonderful places around all Europe in a couple of weeks touring with two of the most famous metal bands. It actually was a dream came true.

What marketing strategies did you guys use to promote your albums?

Usually, the tools used by the record company to promote a new album are better and stronger than the ones used by the band. There are different types of promotion: basic and standard, which comprises reviews and interviews in magazines and on websites, and then there’s the digital channel (YouTube and social media). We also have recorded our first video for promoting our single “Kingdom of Thyne Illusions” thanks to our filmographer friend, Enrico Filippi. This video really helped us to enlarge our fan base around the world.

The best way to promote ourselves though, is playing at concerts around Europe, but unfortunately, it is very expensive and record labels don’t pay for the tour, especially if you are an emerging band like us. The crisis is affecting even the biggest record labels.

Future plans?

We have lots of plans in mind. First of all, we would love to play live again with important and famous bands. Moreover, we are already thinking about the next album, but it won’t be released very soon; we want it to be quite different from the first and the second one, with alternative and unconventional elements.

Take a look at their music video “Kingdom of Thyne Illusions” from their new album.

Check out their website and get their two albums, their t-shirt, or why not… Get both!! You can also find their albums on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon!

Sagoma Giulia